Book Review: How to Create Positive Change in 21 Days.

Book name: How to create Postive change in 21 days.
Author : Sara khan
Publisher : Abhinav Prakashan
Genre: Self- help,Motivational

My Views: The author Sara Khan described her 21 days Challenge which she names as Mission Wake Up, Now is the Time. In short ‘WUNITT’.
She described in the book ‘how to create positive change in 21 days to train yourself to develop into a successful person.
The book contains 21 chapters as the title of the book says. Each day she described what to do to create positivity in life. She told the benefits of getting up early morning. In the ending of each chapter she described the activity that what you have to do and what you don’t need to do for a healthy , positive and successful life.
The writing style is good as Author has taken her life examples. The language is easy and simple.
I really liked and enjoyed this book. It’s good and worthy read.
Recommendation: I would like to recommend this book to everyone. Read it to develop positivity and changes in your life.
Rating 4/5 ⭐IMG_20190217_220236_200


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